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About us

Discover the World of ZÖLLNER Sound Signal Systems
Welcome to the ZÖLLNER, where innovation and excellence meet to redefine safety in the maritime industry. With a legacy spanning over 75 years, ZÖLLNER has established itself as a global leader in delivering sound signal systems for vessels of all types and classes.

At the Kormarine, we invite you to immerse yourself in our extensive range of products and solutions, crafted to meet the standards set by SOLAS, COLREG 1972, and EU regulations. From our ZET-Horns to Makrofons and ZETFONs, our wide product portfolio caters to the diverse needs of shipbuilders and retrofit projects worldwide.

Discover how our products ensure clear and effective signaling in even the most challenging maritime environments.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of our products. We deliver exceptional customer service and provide expert guidance and support throughout the entire process. Whether you're involved in a new build project or a retrofit, our team is here to support you.


Radewisch 40
24145 Kiel

Phone:  +49 431 7027100

Products & Services

  • ZET-Horn
  • Makrofon
  • electric horn
  • pneumatic horn
  • Foghorn
  • sound signal equipment
  • sound reception system
  • electronic bell
  • electronic gong
  • signal automaton
  • motor horn
  • inclinometer

ZET-Horn (70 AC)

The ZÖLLNER ZET-Horn was the first piston type whistle on the world market driven by an AC 3phase motor. An essential component is the piston inside the cylinder driven by an AC 3phase motor via connecting rod, crankshaft and gearwheels. The piston oscillates at a certain frequency which makes the air inside the sound horn vibrate in resonance to produce a sound audible over a wide range.
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ZET-Horn (70 AC)


The ZÖLLNER MAKROFON M125 is a diaphragm sound transmitter operating on compressed air. The signal is released by an electromagnet or manually using a hand pull-rope. To avoid the costly laying of a pull-rope, a second electromagnet for emergency voltage can be provided. A thermostat controlled anticondensation heating keeps the sound horn and the operating valve free from condensed water and thus from ice.
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ZETFON (300/310)

The ZETFON 300/310 is an electronic sound transmitter. It consists of the ZETFON (sound emitter) itself mounted on the mast and a control and amplifier unit for wheelhouse installation. The control and amplifier unit contains all electronic components including the heavy transformer. This way heavy weight on the mast is avoided and vital components are within easy reach. The ZETFON is an economic alternative to air whistles on vessels without air compressor.
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ZETFON (300/310)

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