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Wolffkran GmbH

Wolffkran GmbH

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About us

Backed by 100+ years of shipyard lifting know-how and experience, WOLFFKRAN supplies excellent lifting solutions for shipyards and maritime installations. We are world leaders in delivering heavy lifting solutions and have established a portfolio of successful shipyards solutions all over the world. We offer tower cranes with trolley jib and luffing jib for the maritime environment. Our comprehensive range of tower cranes with varying capacities means we have capabilities to meet numerous demands. The fully adaptable modular design brings all the benefits of a custom-built single-purpose crane without the long lead-times and significant costs. This makes the WOLFFKRAN approach the most efficient solution to meet multiple lifting needs across shipyards of all sizes. We pride ourselves on delivering in full, on time and in spec, in compliance with domestic and international regulations, and welcome your interest.

Location: Linz, Austria Cranes: WOLFF 7532.16 cross

Location: Antwerp, Belgium Cranes: WOLFF 1250 B


Wolffkran GmbH
Austrasse 72
74076 Heillbronn

Phone:  +41 41 7668575
Wolffkran International AG
Baarermattstr. 6
6340 Baar

E-mail: g.babu@wolffkran.com
Phone:  +41 41 766 85 00
Internet: www.wolffkran.com

Contact person:

Stig Oliver Buch
International Sales Director
E-mail: s.buch@wolffkran.com
Phone: +41 78200 9332

Products & Services

At WOLFFKRAN we offer a complete solution for the shipyard market, that includes: lifting consultancy, production of cranes at our plant in Germany, logistics, site set up, installation, operating and service support. Our shipyard application solution works by utilising and, if required, adapting our standard range of tower cranes, placed on a moveable and fully adjustable base to meet the dynamic challenges faced in the shipyard. Our cranes can then adapt to any requirements in terms of height, reach and capacity and come in two model variants: Trolley Jib – the classical design that allows for high cycle speeds and greater jib radii and Luffing jib – offering maximum power and efficiency in space restricted situations. Our comprehensive range of tower cranes with varying capacities means we have capabilities to meet various demands.

WOLFF 1250 B

Impressive profile in the XXL class • Class leading reach and capacity • Tip load capacity of 12.1 tonnes* at a maximum hook radius of 80 meters • Maximum load capacity of 60 tonnes** up to 25 meter radius • 132 kW hoisting unit offering a hook path of 990 meters and hook speeds of up to 190 m/min* • WOLFF patented re-reeving mechanism for efficient and safe reeving from single to 2- and 3-fall operation • Possible jib lengths from 40 to 80 meters in 5 meter increments

WOLFF 1250 B

WOLFF 8060

30 m basic jib with trolley gear. Extensions up to 80 m radius.
Towertop. Slewing frame with driver’s cabin, two slewing gears, ball race bearing with central lubrication unit and slipring system. Counterjib with machinery platform, control cabinet and counterweights.

WOLFF 8060


30 m basic jib, extensions up to 70 m in 5 m steps, tower top with access, slewing frame with cabin, two slewing gears, ball race bearing with central lubrication unit and slip ring system.
Counter jib with hoist and luffing winch, switch cabinet and


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