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Hammelmann has been involved with the ship repair industry for almost 40 years, and offers a wide range of unique High Pressure Systems for ship hull cleaning and paint stripping.

About us

Hammelmann GmbH is based in Oelde, Germany, and has been manufacturing high Pressure pumps pumps, cleaning systems, and accessories for nearly 70 years.

The company has been actively involved with the ship repair industry for almost 40 years. Hammelmann offers effective, resource friendly and economical High Pressure Systems and Solutions for ship hull cleaning and paint stripping that easily supersedes conventional dry blasting.

Reduce hazardous waste by 95% and streamline your process!
The single operator, remote controlled, semiautomatic Hammelmann SPIDERJET, DOCKBOY and DOCKMATE units are all outfitted with vacuum waste collection. Water and debris are immediately vacuumed from the surface and reliably separated. This reduces hazardous waste by a near 95%. Substrates prepared by Hammelmann systems meet the quality requirements set by international paint manufacturers and standards authorities for the application of new coatings.

Hammelmann GmbH
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Products and services

Hammelmann GmbH manufactures High Pressure pumps, Process pumps and the associated systems and accessories. High pressure water blasting units are employed to remove rust, old coatings or marine growths from ship hulls and hull bottoms. UHP water blasting systems operate at pressures of 3,500 bar without any abrasive additives and are recognized as the healthy, environmentally friendly methods of surface preparation.

To find out more about Hammelmann’s solutions for the ship repair and cleaning industry, visit us at our booth.

Semi-automatic UHP water blasting vehicle for ship hull and tank surface preparation. The Dockmate is a completely dust free, eco friendly alternative to dry open abrasive blasting capable of preparing hull surfaces to the most exacting standards applicable today. Up to 150 sq. metres per hour of surface can be prepared to NACE/SSPC standards WJ1/SC-2.
Working height: 0 – 32 m
Working width: 274 – 1000 mm
Operating pressure: up to 3.000 bar
Flow rate: up to 100 l/min

Spiderjet M/V

Surface preparation unit for stripping vertical, inclined and horizontal surfaces with ultra high pressure water up to 3000 bar. The Spiderjet is attached to the work surface with permanent magnets or vacuum. The vacuum also retrieves all waste water and removed solids. Applications: Hull cleaning and surface preparation, storage tank cleaning and surface preparation, Hold and bunker surface preparation.
Working width: 374 mm
Operating pressure: up to 3.000 bar
Flow rate: up to 50 l/min


Semi automatic surface preparation. A job specific, hydraulically powered marine industry work vehicle primarily for fast, efficient surface preparation on shiphull bottoms. In combination with direct vacuuming it ensures eco friendly, rust removal and coating removal with waste and waste water collection.
Working height: 0 – 9 m
Working width: 274 – 518 mm
Operating pressure: up to 3.000 bar
Flow rate: up to 65 l/min

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